ROBLOX groups that are part of this RP are Lordship of Dragonhold and it's allies, and some [ToB] Turmoils of Bretland, groups.

Welcome to the LordshipOfDragonhold WikiaEdit

The Lorship of Dragonhold Roleplaying Group on Roblox.

The Lordship of Dragonhold RoleplayEdit

The Lordship of Dragonhold Roleplay is based around the story of:

The Land of Eldaria has just been conquered by the High Lords of Dragonhold, a cruel but just ruling party. But now the Rebellious Dukes and Barons seek to overthrow their conquerers, for whatever reason they see fit.

The Turmoils of Bretland RoleplayEdit

Turmoils of Bretland is based around the story of:

The Two Kingdoms of Haernic and Ancilun, vie for the throne of Bretland. The Eldarian People have colonised the island of Bretland, with more colonists arriving from the mainland every day. But the gaze of the two warring peoples extend further then Bretland. Their gaze is on the Mainland itself.


Map of Eldaria

Useful LinksEdit

Eldaria FactionsEdit

Lordship of Dragonhold

Duchy of Owlhold

Barony of Celti

Bretland FactionsEdit


History of Eldaria

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